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pretentious paws

looking for the bow after the rain

5 December
External Services:
  • gekoku_shou@livejournal.com
shou {katatsumori@lj.com}
My pen-name and my username.
It was originally part of my full length name.
Currently obsessed with costume-playing and writing.
Likes Tenipuri, Tenimyu, and few related mangas & animes.

guriin {hachi-n-thebandi@lj.com}
My nickname and my character role.
Due to my tall figure,
I was given the part from my band mates.
Likes Kanjani8 and making original songs with Hachi and the Band.

aphin {gekoku-shou@lj.com}
The real culprit behind the previous names.
Hopelessly falling into the magnificent world of art.
Likes doodling, sketching, and photo-manipulating.
Nice to meet you.

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