To everyone who read this HELLO!
You can call me

phin (^ω^)

This journal will be mainly consists of my graphics and fan-arts
Some posts may be locked for conditional purposes
And please do tell me if we have the same interest,
or just happen to drop and say hi :D
New friends are always welcome!


nice to meet you!\(≧▽≦)丿★

- - - - -

p.s all icons are made by me so please do credit if taking, thank you ♥



Meet & greet my yellow fellow

First, yay for the new header! :D
Really can't wait any longer to see the movie & the album's release ♫ 
Now back to the main topic . . .

About couple months ago,
me & my friends had this some kind exhibition of our works for the past year.
And to spiced it up, we had to made a 3D mascot.
It could be anything from self figure to some popular character,
as long it heights about 40 cm tall and 7 cm thick.
I decided to pick the second one, which is him!

Collapse )

It was nearly a half year back then when I finished it, but I waited till I had a proper camera
So finally I managed to took a better picture of it.
Cause I loved this thing too much I guess ♥

The reason I choose him was because:
It was around Yoko's solocon at that time,
yet I didn't have any money to buy any of the good-looking goods ; _ ;
Still today I didn't have any of K8 goods,
So I ended up making one LOL

Took me about 3-4 days with 3mm board, paper, glue, and lots of paint
I'm pretty satisfied with the final result :D
What do you think? :3


Yes, I am alive . . .

Okay first . . .


Ehm. And so a totally quick random facts for random update,
while I cracked myself looking back at previous old entries :D

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That's all folks. Random is random.
Now I need to save some money ( ´ ^ ` )~3

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(super late) fanart present >w< ... tezufuji anyone?

first thing first ... to everyone who read this, HELLO!

sorry for the late post due to my school projects, homeworks, drills, & tests ... which i'm struggling at ; ___ ;

okay, so on the day that  a1y_puff  told me some bits about her fic, the little captain, she asked if i would draw something base on that. And so i did while sneaking some time at school, heheh.

later that finally i'm able to (actually) read the whole fic *screw the internet*, i was like: "SHITSHITSHITIDREWITALLWRONGDAMNIT!!!!!" *pardon for the swear words <(_ _)>*
If you read the fic, you KNOW what i mean (colour, clothes, proportion, Dx).
And there's nothing i could do about it since the drawing already scanned by my friend T 3 T

yeah, so i'm reaaallllly sorry for foolishness >.<

but i have some fun time when sketch, trace (at school) & coloring it ' w '
if anyone would like to know the real pic (i rotated it vertically, fyi ;P), just lemme know ^ - ^ or just rotate it urself xD

Collapse )

oh and on the same day i made another sketch cause drawing just one won't be enough for me xd
here you can see me playing with very different style compared to the 1st one : )
hope u'll enjoy this too as i love simplicity ^^
feel free to use this image but make sure to tell me first & credit, kay?

Collapse )

so ... am i forgiven? *runs away*


attemps to ... blend teh pictures

i warn you,
it's one randomness!


ehm, anyway ...

i tried to blend 

a1y_puff and tacuma811 's image them cosplaying as fuji x tezuka

... thou i kinda failing DX ... 

Collapse )

comments anyone?

those jerseys aren't mine, 
it belongs to somebody who cosplays kaidoh ... which i found thru the net XP


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First Post, Yeeeiii XD

Okaaay, to everyone who read this, HELLO!

Shou-chan here!

The reason i chose my nick because :
 - I LUV Hiyoshi (PoT) and eventually my b'day n him are SAME ♥ ! *luv him more*
 - based on Hiyoshi's GEKOKUJOU *go figure~*
 - Shou cause it can be read as Shoujou (and cause my full name really has a Sho in it XP)

Anyhow, for anyone who loved PoT, Tenimyu, EXILE, and fanart doodles,

let me know, pleaaaaseeee~?

and yes, my english sucks DX

last, i'm looking forward for all of ur help ^ U ^ !
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